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8th-10th Grade
Evaluating & Preparing for Dance in College

Get Ready!

Dancers are more than well, dancers. More and more, colleges and professional dance companies are looking for not only talent, but academic performance and life experience that show how dancers engage and contribute to their community.

8-10th Grade Services

Get Ready!

Sophomore Year Package

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Over the course of four sophomore year meetings, we'll provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the college admissions process AND the college dance program process. Sophomore year is the time to explore possible careers and learn about the academic and dance options in college. We'll advise you on high school courses, standardized testing, extra-curricular activities, and dance-related opportunities to boost your college application.

8th-10th Grade Evaluation and 1-Hour Advising Session


We want to get to know you! First, we'll ask the dancer and a parent to complete a questionnaire about your background and aspirations. Next, you'll submit a few videos in your favorite genres to help us evaluate your current talent and skills. One of our professional dance evaluators will review your questionnaire and videos and provide guidance and feedback to help the dancer and family set realistic expectations knowing there are so many options for dance programs in college. Our educational consultant will add the context of the dancer's academic performance and school involvement to our combined evaluation. Then, our educational consultant will then have a 1-hour meeting with the family to discuss our evaluation and provide recommendations on how to build a strong college application designed to the student's goals.

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Meet Kerrie-Anne Sparks

Dance into College Dance Evaluator and Advisor
Former Professional Dancer, College Dance Professor and Studio Artistic Director

Kerrie-Anne Sparks danced professionally for Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Internationale, Atlantic Southeast Ballet and Columbia City Ballet. Kerrie-Anne has worked with many renowned teachers, choreographers and directors, and performed leading roles in a variety of ballets, including Balanchine's Who Cares?, Serenade, Stars and Stripes, Valse Fantasie and Donazetti Variations; Twyla Tharp's Deuce Coupe, Septime Weber’s Where the Wild Things Are, Eldar Aleiv’s 1001 Nights, Alberto Alonzo’s Carmen, Lila York's Celts, Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. She also performed as a guest artist with the Detroit Opera and was a model for MotionWear Dancewear, appearing in catalogs and leotard tags. In 2003, Kerrie-Anne was invited by Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet founder Marcia Dale Weary to teach at her school and to study her syllabus and methods. Kerrie-Anne has taught for several studios throughout the Southeast and Midwest and has won several choreography awards at regional and national competitions. She served as Ballet Mistress for the apprentice company of Columbia City Ballet, as well as rehearsal assistant for the professional company. Kerrie-Anne is a graduate of The Harid Conservatory and the University of South Carolina, where she earned summa cum laude honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. She was also a member of the USC Dance Company and received the USC Dance Program Director's Award, for "outstanding dedication, talent and passion for the art of dance." Kerrie-Anne is currently the Artistic Director of Edge Performing Arts in Winston-Salem, NC and an adjunct professor of dance at High Point University.

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