8th-10th Grade
Evaluating & Preparing for Dance in College

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Dancers are more than well, dancers. More and more, colleges and professional dance companies are looking for not only talent, but academic performance and life experience that show how dancers engage and contribute to their community.


8-10th Grade Services

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Sophomore Year Package

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Over the course of four sophomore year meetings, we'll provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the college admissions process AND the college dance program process. Sophomore year is the time to explore possible careers and learn about the academic and dance options in college. We'll advise you on high school courses, standardized testing, extra-curricular activities, and dance-related opportunities to boost your college application.

8th-10th Grade Evaluation and 1-Hour Advising Session


We want to get to know you! First, we'll ask the dancer and a parent to complete a questionnaire about your background and aspirations. Next, you'll submit a few videos in your favorite genres to help us evaluate your current talent and skills. Our professional dance evaluator will review your questionnaire and videos and provide guidance and feedback to help the dancer and family set realistic expectations knowing there are so many options for dance programs in college. Our educational consultant will add the context of the dancer's academic performance and school involvement to our combined evaluation. Then, our educational consultant will then have a 1-hour meeting with the family to discuss our evaluation and provide recommendations on how to build a strong college application designed to the student's goals.

30-minute Zoom or Phone Consulting Session


We are here to help you get answers to your questions and provide guidance as needed. Simply click here to schedule a 30-minute phone or Zoom session.


Meet Ashley Rogers

Professional Dancer, Model and a Dance into College Talent Evaluator

Ashley is Dance into College's professional resource on all things dance and offers dance talent evaluations and feedback. 

Ashley Rogers is a professional dancer makeup artist and
photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. Ashley grew up in
Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she studied dance at The
University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She also
competed with local competitive dance studios where she
trained in various styles. After school, Ashley moved to Los
Angeles for 5 years where she worked professionally under the
direction of Bloc Talent Agency and Go 2 Talent Agency. Ashley is
now signed with Xcel Talent Agency in Atlanta, GA and is an
active union member with SAG/AFTRA where she works
commercially for various film and television projects. When
Ashley is not performing she travels and teaches for various
competitive dance studios where she has won numerous awards
for her choreography. Some of her credits include Love Simon,
State Farm, Legacies, Vitamin Water, Barbie, Tyler Farr, Paula
Abdul, Manny Paquaio, Sephora and Mashup Contemporary
Dance Company.