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11th-Grade Advising, Prep and Building the College List

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The junior year is critical to the college admissions process. All of the work that makes an applicant stand out happens before the applications are prepared senior year. We'll get you on the right path with high school courses, standardized test prep, and working on all the materials that may come up in your dance audition process.

We work with each student to continue to explore potential careers. While performance or choreography may be the goal for some, we work with many students that want to study another academic area of interest. Sometimes it is a related area, such as Arts Management, but it can also be completely different. Finding the "best fit" college becomes double the challenge when you are trying to get the best in academics and a dance program in one higher education institution. That's where our expertise is of tremendous value to families.  

Junior Year Services

Get Set!!

Junior Year Dance Package

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Our comprehensive package includes seven meetings between October and April of junior year. We review the dancer's goals and progress. We cover all of the in's and out's of the college application process and the timeline. Dancers have busy schedules, so we create a junior year standardized testing plan that takes into consideration rehearsals and competitions. Then we start the 7-step college list development process which starts with a student/parent discussion about the important attributes when considering the ideal college. From there, Dance into College builds a prospective college list of 10-15 colleges designed to be a "first-draft" for the student to consider and research. This list considers all academic and dance interests. By the end of junior year, we have a prioritized final list, a dance resume draft, and we are ready to start senior-year advising in June.

Recommended for: Dancers that want a streamlined, efficient approach to junior year. We provide the time, knowledge, and experience to eliminate the guesswork so the dancer can stay focused on high school and dance.

The Dance in College List

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Ask us about our 7-step process for developing a customized list of 10+ colleges that should be considered based on your specific wants and needs for academics and dance.

Recommended for: Dancers that want to identify colleges that are a "best fit" for them academically, financially and for their dance pursuits. (This package must be started by August of senior year and before any college applications/auditions are completed.)

11th Grade Evaluation and 1-Hour Advising Session


We want to get to know you! First, we'll ask the dancer and a parent to complete a questionnaire about your background and aspirations. Next, you'll submit a few videos in your favorite genres to help us evaluate your current talent and skills. Our professional dance evaluator will review your questionnaire and videos and provide guidance and feedback to help the dancer and family set realistic expectations knowing there are so many options for dance programs in college. Our college counselor will add the context of the dancer's academic performance and school involvement to our combined evaluation. Our educational consultant will then have a 1-hour meeting with the family to discuss our evaluation and provide recommendations on how to build a strong college application designed to the student's goals.

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