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Senior Year

Let's Go!

Senior year college application activities will look a bit different for each dancer. That's why we've created different packages and options to best meet the student's objectives. 

Senior Year Services

Let's Go!

Senior Year Comprehensive College Dance Package

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Students looking at college dance programs requiring separate applications and auditions should consider our Comprehensive Dance into College Package. Not only do we help you prepare for college applications including essays, but we guide you through everything required for dance programs. This package includes applications for up to 10 colleges requiring additional dance applications and/or auditions and 5 additional colleges with no additional requirements. With our project management expertise and the use of a personal online portal, we'll help students keep track of all application requirements and deadlines and help them plan out their strategy for getting all materials completed and submitted in time. We'll make sure the dancer has a well-crafted dance resume and has a good understanding of how to produce any video submissions that are required. We'll prepare the dancer for interviews.

Recommended for: Dancers applying to mostly competitive conservatory or university dance programs. Because of the competitive nature of these programs, this package includes applications up to 10 colleges requiring dance applications and/or auditions and 5 additional colleges with no additional requirements.

Senior Year College in 3-2-1 Essentials "Just College" Package

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This is our essentials comprehensive no-frills package. It includes essay writing and application support through regular meetings for up to 8 college applications without separate programs such as dance, honors colleges, scholarships, etc. (We recommend students with dance applications purchase the Comprehensive Dance Package. Students that want guidance for additional college applications or other college programs can purchase these additional services a-la-carte.)

Recommended for: Students that are wanting to major, minor or have an interest in dance in college, but will not be applying to multiple conservatories or colleges requiring auditions or separate applications.

The Dance in College List Package

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Ask us about our 7-step process for developing a customized list of 10+ colleges that should be considered based on your specific wants and needs for academics and dance.

Recommended for: Dancers that want to identify colleges that are a "best fit" for them, particularly when wanting to find the right college academically and for their dance pursuits. (This package must be started by August of senior year.) and before any college applications/auditions are completed.

12th Grade Evaluation and 1-Hour Advising Session


We want to get to know you! First, we'll ask the dancer and a parent to complete a questionnaire about your background and aspirations. Next, you'll submit a few videos in your favorite genres to help us evaluate your current talent and skills. Our professional dance evaluator will review your questionnaire and videos and provide guidance and feedback to help the dancer and family set realistic expectations knowing there are so many options for dance programs in college. Our college counselor will add the context of the dancer's academic performance and school involvement to our combined evaluation. Our educational consultant will then have a 1-hour meeting with the family to discuss our evaluation and provide recommendations on how to build a strong college application designed to the student's goals.

Recommended for: Students wanting an honest evaluation of their dance talent and an understanding of the level of college dance program that would be appropriate. It's recommended that this be completed prior to the development of a final college application list.

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